Episode 33: James Thorn – Tenancy Stream App

March 20, 2020


James talks about his tenancy app and why landlords and tenants are so happy to use it. Listen to host Andrew Gray’s conversation with James:

Show Notes

  • 01m:02s – James talks about the problems Tenancy Stream is trying to solve.
  • 03m:28s – James talks about who the app benefits.
  • 04m:34s – James talks about the competition his app faces.
  • 05m:32s – James says how the app works and the cost.
  • 06m:57s – James talks about why Tenancy Stream is based in Harrogate.
  • o8m:24s – James discusses how starting up in Harrogate effects his business.
  • 09m:36s – James talks about the people he needs for his business.
  • 10m:26s – James talks about why estate agents are interested in Tenancy Stream.
  • 10m:53s – James discusses the international prospects of his business.
  • 11m:07s – James and Andrew discuss the horror stories of landlords.
  • 12m:23s – James talks about the legislation to which landlords must adhere.
  • 14m:00s – James talks about the goals for Tenancy Stream.
  • 16m:15s – James talks about his background and how he got into his business.
  • 17m:40s – James talks about confidence and his struggles through school.
  • 20m:24s – James tells us about his superpower.
  • 21m:11s – James talks about networking and its benefits for businesses.
  • 22m:05s – James talks about his 5 year plan.
  • 24m:27s – James says how you can get in touch.
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