Episode 32: Sue Eland – Building Futures Ethiopia

March 04, 2020


Sue Eland is the Founder and CEO of Building Futures Ethiopia which is building a school in rural Ethiopia. Sue is also a lead school inspector. Listen to host Andrew Gray’s wide-ranging and stimulating conversation with Sue:

Show Notes

  • 01m:56s – Sue talks about her journey in the world of education.
  • 02m:29s – Sue talks about why she chose Ethiopia to build schools in.
  • 04m:14s – Sue talks about the amount of money she raised from the people in Harrogate and surrounding areas to fund the first four classrooms and the remaining of the school building works in Ethiopia.
  • 04m:50s – Sue talks about the nature of her organisation.
  • 05m:24s – Sue talks about how far along the school project in Ethiopia is.
  • 07m:04s – Sue talks about how far the school is from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, and how to get there.
  • 08m:42s – Sue talks about the differences between male and female roles in Ethiopia and how that plays out with enrollment in school.
  • 10m:00s – Sue talks about the healthcare system and the hospital facilities in Ethiopia.
  • 11m:27s – Sue talks about lessons that people of Harrogate and surrounding areas can learn from her experience in Ethiopia.
  • 13m:10s – Sue talks about some of the key challenges in Ethiopia and what her organisation is doing to help people there.
  • 15m:00s – Sue talks in detail about the role of  the government to ensure sustainable success.
  • 18m:42s – Sue discusses the difficulties of spreading the teaching to schools that are in far-flung areas, away from cities.
  • 19m:33s – Sue talks about the main challenges that she’s had in this project.
  • 21m:59s – Sue talks about how people  can get involved with her organisation.

Find more about Sue’s project at www.BuildingFuturesEthiopia.org.

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