Episode 28: Keith Tordoff – Owner of The Oldest Sweet Shop in England

December 03, 2019


Keith Tordoff is a local celebrity and the proprietor of the oldest sweet shop in the UK on the Pateley Bridge. He’s the Chair of the Nidderdale Chamber of Trade, the Chair of Pateley Bridge in Bloom and he’s also the patron of Dementia Forward in Ripon. Keith is a former policeman and also a former bank manager. Keith was awarded MBE for his services in 2018 on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Keith has also been a Channel 4 presenter on one of their cooking programs. Listen to his fascinating chat with Andrew Gray.

Show Notes

01m:45s – Keith talks about his special relationship with Pateley Bridge.

06m:30s – How did Keith end up joining the police?

12m:22s – Keith talks about being the first officer to attend the first Yorkshire Ripper murders in Leeds on Scott Hall Avenue.

18m:10s – How did Keith become everyone’s favorite bank manager when bank managers weren’t popular?

19m:17s – How did Keith end up owning the oldest sweet shop in the world?

23m:40s – Keith talks about his stewardship of the Nidderdale Chamber of Trade.

28m:01s – Keith talks about the events that he’s led lately.

33m:12s – What the pros and cons of living around Nidderdale?

37m:35s – Keith talks about trying to do things for people working with the community, working with organizations, trying to make things happen.

39m:42s – How did Keith find out that he was being awarded the MBE?

42m:00s – Did Keith offer Prince Charles a sweet with a sword?

44m:20s – Is an MBE something that defines Keith now?

46m:26s – Keith’s viewpoint on cycling in Yorkshire, how well it’s been managed or not and the pros and cons for the business community.

53m:10s – What would Keith do to solve Harrogate’s business issues?

58m:55s – Keith’s tips for a happy, successful, lengthy marriage.

61m:02s – Keith’s business tips for people in the retail industry.

65m:25s – The truth behind Keith’s sweet tooth.

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